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Problem with dropbox solved – 16/12/2012

GPS4CAM Pro 1.0 & GPS4CAM desktop Connection to Dropbox to reconnected => Please download GPS4CAM Destop 5.2

1. A new feature has been added in GPS4CAM Pro 1.0 & GPS4CAM Desktop 5.0 in September that allow to better manage long trips by avoid the user to photograph several QR Codes thanks to a GPS4CAM Pro 1.0 -> Dropbox -> GPS4CAM Desktop

2. Hoewever dropbox has modified its connection APIs in the last few days. As a consequence some of you go a error message in GPSCAM Desktop 5.0 which was unable to find the trip datas stored in your dropbox.

3. GPS4CAM Dev team has been able to modify GPS4CAM Desktop code to adapt to Dropbox APIs change and released the new GPS4CAM Desktop 5.2 release that you can download.

4. As soon as you will have downloaded this new GPS4CAM desktop release, you will be able to use the GPS4CAM for Dropbox Service for new trips but also for existing trips with QR Codes already generated as your datas will be still on you dropbox account & the GPS4CAM desktop will be able to find theses datas thanks to the QRCodes already generated.

5. May you find any future problem with this service, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer you within the best period.

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