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Online support – 10/12/2012

Dear gps4cam users,

Here are the four most common mistakes submitted to the gps4cam support team. By knowing them and by reading the FAQ, you are ensured to have an optimal usage of gps4cam.

n°1 : The screenshot instead of the photo.
You have to photograph the generated QRCode(s) with the same camera you used during your trip. This is mandatory to automatically take into account the potential time shift between the camera time and the iPhone time. Please note that gps4cam cannot work with a screenshot of the QRCode.

n°2 : The trip that generates several QRCodes.
If the trip is long, several QRCodes may be generated during the export. In this case, you have to photograph every QRCodes. The number of dots under the QRCode allows to know the number of generated QRCodes. You can switch from one QRCode to another one by sliding your finger on the iPhone screen.

n°3 : Several trips in a same vacation.
Before gps4cam desktop V4.0:
It is possible to make several trips in a vacation and to use gps4cam desktop at the end of vacations. However, there is an important rule to respect in this case: always export and photograph the QRCode of a finished trip before starting a new one. If you try to export all your trips at the end of your vacations, it will be problematic since gps4cam does not look for QRCodes in photos which are in the timeframe of an already decoded trip (for performances reasons). If this rule was not followed, it is possible to make gps4cam desktop works fine, but you have to create one folder by trip and put photos of the trip and qrcodes of the trip inside.
After gps4cam desktop V4.0:
gps4cam desktop 4.0 offers three QRCodes search methods, that is why the preceding rule is not mandatory anymore. You can photograph all QRCodes of all your trips at the end and choose the corresponding method in gps4cam desktop preferences, or you can even manually select pictures where QRCodes are.

n°4: Camera time change during the trip.
A big advantage of gps4cam is that it is able to automatically manage the time shift between the iPhone time and the camera time without anything to do for the user. So please do nothing :-) . You must not change the camera time between the beginning of the trip and the moment you photograph QRCodes after export.


  1. I use gps4cam with my iPhone 3GS. I will be on vacation in some western states shortly where there will likely be no cell or data coverage. So my first question is will gps4cam work in that environment since I assume it uses the GPS satellite? My second question is about battery life. I have my gps4cam adjusted so it can go all day here at home on one battery charge, but when there is no cell or data coverage, that seems to run the battery down much quicker. Can I use Airplane Mode to avoid the battery drain for cell and data while still using gps4cam? If not, what would you suggest I do in this environment?


    • Hello Ray,

      First of all, thank you very much for using gps4cam, I will do my best to help you :-) .
      Yes, gps4cam will work perfectly without any cell or data coverage. You won’t be able to see the map, but gps4cam will record your positions based on GPS signal.
      Do not use the airplane mode, it desactivates the GPS chip !! What I recommend instead is to reboot your iPhone and to not activate your sim card (click cancel when it prompts for your PIN code). This way, cell network is not activated at all and you will be very surprized by the battery consumption which is very low that way !!
      I wish you some beautiful photos with gps4cam.

      Warmest Regards, Michael Diguet

      • i am concerned about battery life and do not have a sim card that I know off. What do I do to enhance battery life?
        By the way, I am very impressed with this product!

        • Hello Eugene,
          Thank you for your kind words. gps4cam has been designed to save your battery very efficiently. The more precision you want, the more battery you will consume. You have to find the right trade off according to your needs.
          Warmest Regards, Michael

  2. Mal says:

    Hello, I have a question. The Desktop App (latest Mac version), upon successfully geotagging the photos, makes the file size of the photos SMALLER than the original photos!
    Why is this? It is very scary, as it seems that GPS4CAM is changing the image content….
    Please let me know why this is happening – I just want GPS data added to files, no changes in file size…!

    • Hello Mal,
      You have to know that gps4cam desktop uses exiftool, the reference library to modify exif data of a photo. Of course, it does not touch at all the photo pixels and have no consequence on the quality.
      exiftool may make the photo size smaller after geotagging, all is explained here:
      I wish you some beautiful photos with gps4cam.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  3. When I run gps4cam, I get an error message that gps4cam cannot read the photo (it is a Canon xmp file from a Canon 40D). I have a choice of ignore or stop. I must click ignore for each image. I have not been able to successfully use the app because of this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. My vacation will be 2 weeks long. Do I have to leave the iPhone on 24/7? Will the app work on an iPod touch 4th gen? Thank you.

    • Hello Doug,
      You do not have to leave the iPhone on 24/7. Basically, when you do not move, you can stop gps4cam. The app will work on an iPod touch 4th generation, but you have to notice the it does not have any GPS chipset integrated so you will only have a rough location based on wifi networks. It works well in cities, but not at all on countryside. So gps4cam on iPod is not optimal at all, but some users are happy with it :-) .
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  5. Hi, I took around 200 pictures over the weekend. When I try to run GPS4CAM it says that the pictures were NOT taken during the trip. I have checked the metadata on the pictures, and the dates and times are roughly the same as the dates and times on the GFX file. Rather perplexed. Any suggestions please?


  6. Hi,

    i am going to be taking pictures from a helicopter in a remote area. Just wondering how accurate the geotagging will be as i will be taking pictures as we fly along a route i.e. we will not be hovering over a certain spot. is it yet possible to bring down the time from 30 sec to say every 5 sec??

    • Hello Simon,
      This is a very interresting use case. the minimal period of gps4cam captures is 30 secs, and altitude data are not exported. This will be solved with gps4cam Pro.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  7. Hi there,
    I would like to start using your App on an upcoming trip. My workflow would be to first tag the pictures on the card and then transfer them to a extern harddisc drive. I´m “practicing” right now withpictures of a little walk I took yesterday.
    Now I have two questions:
    When I put in the same input and output drive the programm asks me to consider saving my pictures. Do I need to worry about this on my trip? I don´t want to loose any pictures!
    Second question:
    The program tells me in the same window that there ist an option to do tag the pictures directly. But when I open the program I don´t have any way to access these options. There are only the input and output directory lines.
    How do I do that?
    Thanks in advance for your help and greetings from Germany!


    • Hello Saskia,
      I never had any case where a tagging corrupted the photos, but nothing is 100% sure in the life :-) , so it is up to you. I suggest at least that you made a first test with different IN and OUT directories each time you use gps4cam the first time for a given file format.
      About the option that you talk about, it is accessible in gps4cam preferences (with many more options actually).
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  8. Is there a maximum length of time for a trip? Can I let the GPS4CAM run a single trip for a week? Or should I break it into smaller bits? Also what happens if the phone battery dies during a trip, or you mistakenly restart it?


    • Hello Thomas,
      No there is no maximum length for a trip :-) . Captures are written in the phone memory each time they are taken so if the phone stops, you do not loose any data.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  9. I have installed the latest version of the desktopapplication (PC) in conjunction with the pro app for IPhone. The export to Dropbox works fine but how do I make the desktopapplicaton to connect to it? There does not seems to be any method to tell the desktopapp where the Dropboxfolder is located.

    Thanks in a advance from Sweden


    • Hello Sven-Olof,
      All is automatic, you do not have nothing to do. All informations to access your Dropbox account are contained in the QRCode.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  10. Will gps4cam work in countries other than the United States? I am planning a trip to Africa and want to geotag my photos. Also, will gps4cam work when I have data roaming turned off? Thanks.

    • Hello,
      Yes, gps4cam work everywhere on the planet. One very good feature of gps4cam is precisely that it works when data roaming is turned off.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  11. I installed gps4cam on my Win 7 64Bit PC but it doesn´t show up in the programms menu or on the desktop. I had some internal error (code 105) before, then (after a new attempt) it said, it had been successfully installed. What can I do about that?

    • Hello Saskia,
      You have to launch the gps4cam installer in admin mode (right click and launch as admin).
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  12. Hi Michael, the desktop app (5.0, MacOS) is stuck on step 2, looking for gps data. I photographed the QR codes, and prior to today, the app worked beautifully. I updated the desktop app to see if that would resolve the problem (I came from 4.1.1), but it won’t budge. Please help..

    • Turning off time stamping in de desktop app seems to solve this, despite the fact that the option on my phone is switched on..

      • Hello,
        This is not normal, if you confirm and if you are able to reproduce, can you please share the photos of the QRCodes?
        Warmest Regards, Michael

  13. Why is the QR code changing sometime while I am looking at it ? or is it my imagination ?

    • Hello Bernard,
      No, you are right, the QRCode is changing every 10 seconds. This allows the gps4cam algorithm to deduce the timeshift between your camera and your phone. Thanks to that, gps4cam is able to work even if your camera clock has a wrong time.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  14. I come back from a two weeks trip. On my Nikon, I respected the rule of not changing the camera clock. Sadly on the small Samsung camera we changed time to correct the bad time that was on the camera clock and reflect the time zone. Is there a way to cheat the system ? Any hint how I could update the time on a batch of pictures using a tool ?

    • First, you have to know that gps4cam is able to correct the date/time of your photo to the correct local date/time when the photo has been shot. You probably have a set a picture that will be ok (the last ones), so I advise to treate this pictures as usual. For other pictures, you can revert the change you made of the samsung and take the QRCode again.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  15. Bonjour Michaël, I have 2 questions:
    - Will the gps4cam work fine with iPhone / iPad working under iOS6 and above ? Apple, with its “in-silo” marketing vision replaced the good Google Maps with their own Apple Maps. I suppose the answer is yes for the QRCode, as the app saves coordinates… But will the balade be visible on a map ?
    - Does gps4cam works with an iPad that does not have GSM / phone ? My sister just bought one and is going to Vietnam. She was impressed with my pictures geotagging and want to do the same with her DSLR.

    • Dear Bernard,
      - There is no problem using gps4cam with iOS 6 and above. As you guessed, main features of gps4cam are not impacted at all by the Google Map replacement and the map feature of gps4cam will display the new Apple Maps.
      - gps4cam works on the iPad. The main question is does your sister’s iPad have a GPS chipset ? If yes, gps4cam will work perfectly, if not, gps4cam will capture the location thanks to wifi networks around, meaning that it only works in big cities. I will develop some new features in next version of gps4cam Pro in order to make it possible to capture some location pre-dfined or post-defined on a map.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  16. I have just bought the gps4cam Pro for my iphone 5 but apparently the energy saving capture mode does not work. Please clarify if this mode is available for iphone 5?

    • Hello,
      The energy saving mode is available for iPhone 5. The energy saving mode will make a capture each time you move enough to switch GSM antenna.

  17. I installed gps4cam on my Android today then proceeded to run a test using iPhoto on the Mac (Snow Leopard). Well, it all works fine but so many steps and have to tidy up unwanted copies of images afterwards.

    My wife likes to import her photos immediately on getting home but is non-technical. Her favourite camera is non-GPS.

    I can see an opportunity for dramatically simplifying the work-flow.

    - iPhoto 11 has an API available to developers.
    - I have been playing also with “Program X” lately, this is a program that requires manual sync by clock with the GPX file. No need to advertise the program I suppose it’s a competing system.
    - “Program X” makes use of the iPhoto 11 API very nicely:

    a) Import photos directly from camera into iPhoto on the Mac, dups are efficiently detected and not recopied.
    b) Start “Program X”. Select as source the iPhoto Event on top panel and GPX file in bottom pane.
    c) Process then click Notify to iPhoto. Done, Yes its that simple.

    I believe that gps4can could achieve the same thing, by allowing the iPhoto Library API to be accessed directly.

    Steps would be:

    a) Import photos directly from camera into iPhoto on the Mac including the QR coded ones.
    b) Start the gps4cam Mac program, select the Events containing the new photos to be tagged.
    c) Process and Notify to iPhoto library. Done.

    This functionality is worth a paid program to me and probably to other keep photographers!

    • Hello Nigel,
      This is definitely a good idea ! And yes it is perfectly possible to do that with gps4cam, just a matter of doing it :-) . We are working on a totally new version of gps4cam desktop, that will include this integration features with LR, Aperture, iPhoto, Google Picassa, …
      There is a very simple way to use gps4cam currently: just put your sd card in your Mac, and launch gps4cam desktop in “direct tagging” mode, it will tag your photos directly on the card. Then you just have to import them in iPhoto.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  18. Hi Michael. I recently took some photographs with the Pro app. Only one of the photos (the very last one) has been tagged with the GPS information. The others were ‘not photographed during one of the trips’. Is this because my iPhone and/or desktop have changed time between when I took them and when I imported them? Daylight Savings ended recently. I can see from the track data where I would have taken the photos! Thanks,


  19. ➋ Search in every pictures except those photographed during a decoded trip. In this case, gps4cam desktop looks for QRCodes in every pictures, it avoid those that had been photographed during a decoded trip (for a performance reason, it would be too time consuming to search in every photos). This option can be used if most of your photo has been photographed while gps4cam is running (in order to avoid a too much time consuming search) and if QRCodes of one trip has been photographed before the next trip begin. This was the default option for every gps4cam desktop version before 4.0. If wrongly used, this method could cause the error number 3 of the list of the 4 most submitted errors .

  20. I am trying to use the gps4cam fr the first time. I exported the trip and got 8 qr-codes. I made snapshots of them in my Android and then sent them to my Dropbox. On my desktop PC I copied the QR-codes (8 .png files) to the same folder as my images to be geotagged (tiff files). Chose same folder for output.
    Get a:
    “An unexpected error occur whil working on the file blalala.png.
    Stop or ignore?”

    What is wrong?
    Help please!

    • Alban says:

      Hi Maurits,

      You shouldn’t take a screenshot of the QRcodes but rather take a photo of each of those QRcodes with your camera. Then you process all the photos (including the QRcodes you photographed)using gps4cam desktop

      Try this out and let us know if it did work for you

  21. I have now photographed the QR-codes with the same cam as for my other pics (QR-codes in JPG my photos in Nikon RAW (NEF) format.
    For a small part of the photos I had converted the RAW files (.NEF) to TIF files and used the GPX file to geotag them earlier, there was a problem geotagging them with the QR codes. The app stopped at step 2/3, looking for GPS DATA.
    Is this normal?
    Using the QR-codes with non-geotagged images worked but I cannot see any altitude info there.
    Where is the altitude info?

    • Hi Maurits,
      The altitude has been embedded in the exif of your photo. Most of photo management softwares does not show this information, but it is in your photo metadata if you used gps4cam pro.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  22. Actually, it had not worked as I thought.
    After closer look I saw that all my pictures are tagged to the same position using the QR-codes. I can see that in the GPX file I have loads of different locations. Worst of all I had run same input/output folder. It seems that the desktop program has changed the shot date/time of my pictures. THis is bad. Maybe my workflow is not correct.
    When I import my pictures from my cam/SD-memory the Nikon standard import program creates different folders for images taken during different days. So, for my trip that took 11 days the pictures are put in 11 different folders. I put the 8 QR-code pictuers I had taken in with my cam in one of the folders and ran the desktop program. All the pictures are tagged with the exactly same coordinates and worst of all the shot date/time of the .NEF pictures are changed.

    • Hi Maurits,
      gps4cam is able to correct the shot date/time of your photos (this option is activated by default). It puts the date/time of your photo to the exact local date/time of the place where you took the photo. It is very useful, especially if your camera date/time is not precisely set, it is also useful if you have several cameras, it will ensure that all your pictures will be dated thanks to the same time referential, ensuring that they are all in the correct order you shot them. If you do not want this feature, you can desactivate it in gps4cam desktop preferences.
      About your workflow, maybe it would be more efficient to use gps4cam desktop directly on your sd card, before importing your photos with the Nikon software.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  23. Julian says:

    Dear Michael,

    Firstly, thanks for writing a great app, and for so diligently serving your clients. I recently used your app while overseas on a 1 month holiday and think I may have done the wrong thing so I wanted to verify what I needed to do to enable proper Geo-tagging of the thousands of photos I took.

    I travelled to 5 different timezones, and created a new trip for each, setting my camera to the local time before starting to shoot, and pausing the trip before moving to the next timezone. I did not, however, export any of the trips.

    Now I’m back in Australia (a sixth timezone) with 5 ‘paused’ trips. Do I need to change the camera time to each trip timezone when I photograph the exported codes? Do I need to put photos from different timezones in different directories?

    If you have time, step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours, Julian

  24. Hi Julian,

    First of all, you should know that one of the main features of gps4cam is that you don’t have to worry about your camera’s time or timezone changes. If you take pictures in different timezone, just don’t change your camera’s time, gps4cam will use your phone’s time and put the exact local time and the right gps location on your photos’ metadata. Also no need to set your camera’s time to match exactly with your phone’s.

    In case you really want to change your camera’s time whenever you change timezone, then just make sure you photograph the QRcode before you change your camera’s time (to match the new timezone)

    Since you changed your camera’s time several time, the best and the easiest way to geotag them is to change the camera’s time to each timezone, photograph the generated QRcode, and redo this process 4 times (one for each timezone). After that, put your pictures in 5 folders (photos taken in this timezone + related QRcode) and process the folders one by one.

    Best regards,


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