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About gps4cam desktop 4.x

gps4cam desktop 4.0 bring a lot of new features comparing to preceding versions (3.9x):

✔ Three QRCode search modes instead of one by default:
➊  Only search in last photographed pictures. In this case, gps4cam desktop looks for QRCodes in last photographed pictures and it stops as soon as a picture without QRCode is found. This can be used if you photograph all QRCodes of all your trips at the end (just before using gps4cam desktop for example).
➋ Search in every pictures except those photographed during a decoded trip. In this case, gps4cam desktop looks for QRCodes in every pictures, it avoid those that had been photographed during a decoded trip (for a performance reason, it would be too time consuming to search in every photos). This option can be used if most of your photo has been photographed while gps4cam is running (in order to avoid a too much time consuming search) and if QRCodes of one trip has been photographed before the next trip begin. This was the default option for every gps4cam desktop version before 4.0. If wrongly used, this method could cause the error number 3 of the list of the 4 most submitted errors.
➌ Let the user choose pictures in which the search will be done. In this case, when gps4cam desktop begins to work, a panel in which you can choose pictures to search in appears. This option implies an additional step but it does not let too many possibilities of errors, it can especially be used when one of the two preceding method does not fit your needs.
✔ The geotagging step is two times faster.
✔ GPX files corresponding to decoded trips are generated (in the case photos are not geotagged in their origin directory).
✔ The error management has been improved, it is now really easy to find photos that have not been geotagged for one reason or another, they are put in some dedicated directories .Une gestion d’erreur améliorée, il est dorénavant très facile de retrouver les photos qui n’ont pas été géolocalisées pour une raison ou pour une autre, elles sont placées dans des répertoires appropriés (in the case they are not geotagged in their origin directory).
✔ It is now possible to set preferences so photos are geotagged directly in their origin directory. It was already possible in preceding versions by specifying the same input and output directory, but the new method only needs one directory to be specified and avoid the warning that bothered experimented users.

Once these new possibilities considered, the usage of desktop gps4cam 4.x is similar to the one of previous versions.

These new features have been suggested by users gps4cam (for the most part of them), I take this opportunity to thank them warmly. I also thank all gps4cam users, you can be sure that your encouragements go straight to my heart and help me to improve my application again and again.

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  1. Helo, good APP – but it would be more useful if I could use iPhone png-photo from the QR-code for determination instead of a photo from the camera. With the camera photo several photo inside the trip are marked “out_of_trips”, depending the quality, photo-angle of the QR-code

    • Hello Peter,
      Actually, this is absolutely necessary to take the photo of the QRCode with the same camera you used into your trip. This allows to automatically synchronize the clock of your camera and the clock of your phone. You will find more info here:
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  2. Michael,

    Used your app for a working trip I took and found it to work like a champ!

    One question…what stand-alone Mac oriented software would you recommend to show the tagged photos with? I would like to show a map with the .gpx route and photos marking my progress along the route. Also, whichever software you recommend can you show an example case of how you would get this result using files that you generated with your app?

    Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • Hello Ted,
      Great that you are happy with gps4cam :-) .
      To show your tagged photos, you have (on a Mac) iPhoto, Google Picassa, Lightroom, Aperture, …
      To see your GPX route, you have a excellent website, that will allow to see your route on various software thanks to the gpx file generated by gps4cam. To have both on the same app, I do not use any sofware that does that, so I cannot give any advice on that, but I am sure some free softwares exists for that purpose.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  3. Great app almost what I’ve been dreamed of. Wonder if the post-process can be further simplified by leveraging the wifi between smartphone and camera, via either eye-fi or built-in wifi some newer camera starts to have recently. Not sure if this make sense but food for thought.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Lars says:

    Thanks for the great app. On my Windows PC I have Java 7 and I get an error Message that Java is required. Do I have to install this old version? Thanks in advance! Lars

    • Hello Lars,
      This is very strange, it should not be the case, gps4cam is compatible with every version of Java greater than Are you sure that your Java is correctly installed?
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  5. Hi Michael
    Suggestions for the desktop application:

    * update the blog name to 5.x (says “About gps4cam desktop 4.x”)

    * Add a button to open in File Explorer the two directories (where to find and output dir)

    * Add a button to quit beside the Go button, even if there is something in the menu and the “X” in the bar; it will make the interface more compliant with the Windows Interface standard, where normally if there is only one button in the dialog, it causes and action and the dialog to close once pressed (like a OK); if it does not close, then you usually have two buttons, one to process, one to quit. But this is my own taste and a “souvenir” of my GUI lessons at university a long long time ago

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