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How to use gps4cam desktop 3.9x?

The desktop application has been designed to be very easy to use.
Just specify the input directory (the directory where the photos are) and the output directory (the directory where to put the geotagged photos). If you specify the same input directory and output directory, pictures in the directory will be tagged in their origin directory (for example if your pictures are on a SD card, you can specify the path to this card as input and output directories).

Then click the Go button. The geotagging is done in three steps:

If you want to ensure the compatibility with your photos’ format before buying gps4cam for iPhone, you can check the compatibility in the preferences menu.


  1. James says:

    Hiya. Great app, worked flawlessly when I could photgraph the iPhone screen. No problem there. But when I was trying to get a shot of the iPhone on a bright and sunny day I had nothing but reflections. So I emailed the GPX file to myself.

    To process the image files, I dropped them into the usual location, copied the .GPX file from them email to the same folder and hit Go on the gps4cam desktop (I’m using a Mac btw with iPhoto but considering moving to Lightroom). The analysis step went okay but then at step 2 it failed to find any location data.

    Am I doing something wrong? The file is okay, the xml isn’t corrupted or anything (I checked) but it’s not getting processed. Do I need to do something with the file before it’s processed?

    • Hi James,
      Thank you very much for using gps4cam :) .
      gps4cam desktop geotags your pictures with one or several QRCodes in input, it cannot rely on a GPX file. The QRCode contains all information of your trip (like the GPX file) but also contains necessary data to deduce the timeshift between your camera clock and your phone clock in order to geotag properly.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

      • Hi Michael, in future development, would it be possible to have the trip re-create the QRCode? please. This would help with the sunny screen problem. The way I do this at present is to resume the trip, but I might have moved some distance. I do like that trips are saved. Thanks too for the great app.

        • Hi Noel,
          You can already do it without resuming the trip. Just go in the trip list, choose a trip and then click export.
          Warmest Regards, Michael


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