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gps4cam pro 1.2 online – 21/01/2013


The gps4cam team is very pleased to announce you the release of gps4cam pro version 1.2 for iPhone.

Your trips all around the world will be even better because our development team offers you numerous
improvements in this new version.

✔ Discover our new long trips management functions!
§ Online Connection through Dropbox to GPS4CAM. This Online Mode allows you to store
the necessary data on the cloud for later use. From now on, only one QRCode has to be photographed! Gps4cam
Desktop finds then automatically the needed data on the cloud and geotag your photos.
§ Optimization of the number of QRCodes to photograph. If the user do not want or can’t
use the online connection, he can choose the data he wants to encode into the QR Codes (Altitude, Ultra Accurate
positioning) in order to limit the number of QR Codes to photograph.

✔ Manage your trips easily!
§ New function to catch up if you forget to launch the application. The user can move the
start of the trip. Thus, the pictures taken before the launch of gps4cam are associated with the first capture made at
the launch of the trip on the iPhone.
§ Possibility to name a trip from the beginning of the trip (and not only after the ride).

✔ Use the new positioning information to geotag your pictures!
§ Export of the altitudes. Pilots, skydivers, hikers & climbers specifically have asked for this
§ Export Ultra Accurate Positioning. This mode is the default mode when the application is
run online.

✔ Make use of our new functions of data import & export!
§ Possibility of transferring the entire database of trips to gps4cam or gps4cam Pro.
§ Ability to send by mail or import on Dropbox the trips full database.
§ Ability to specify an address by default for sending GPX files or for the trips database back up in
the iPhone settings.

✔ Enjoy the numerous small ergonomic improvements making it easier to navigate within the application and
if you are an iOS6 or iPhone 5 user, take advantage of the optimization of the app who has been made for
your devices.

Moreover, we wish to seize this opportunity to announce you that the gps4cam team has also grown.
Michael who launched the app three years ago, teamed with four people. They are all very motivated and fond of
photos, web and innovation. Laurent works with Michael on new gps4cam functionalities. Alban works on gps4cam
apps strategy & adoption growth. Laure manages the relationships with journalists & bloggers and will make sure
that all users are aware of gps4cam latest evolutions. Last, Lening is introducing gps4cam in China & Taiwan!

Gps4cam team is growing thanks to its users ! Thank you very much for your tests and for your
suggestions. You can be sure that your encouragements help us to improve our application again and again.

We wish you a lot of wonderful trips with gps4cam ! Photograph landscapes all around the world!
To have more information, you can download our press release and our press kit!

See you soon for new adventures with gps4cam,
Warmest regards,
The gps4cam team.

PS: Thanks to download the press release & the marketing kit here!


  1. where do i download the desktop version .?i have the app on iphone 5

    • Hello Paul,
      On the homepage of, you have a widget on the left. Select “download” with this widget and then you will have a page on wich you have all download links.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  2. I installed the gps4cam desktop app on my laptop which runs Windows 8. Windows stops it saying it prevents an unrecognized app from starting…

    Any idea to tell that $/%!” system that I think the app is secure and can be started as is?

  3. I got your app. Great!
    Still one question. In manual mode, what is more appropriate, shake the iPhone before or after taking a picture? I would be glad when it is after taking the picture.
    And how many seconds after ?

    • Alban says:

      In manual mode, you can shake the iPhone after taking the picture. What is important for location precision is to take the picture and to shake the iPhone at the same place.

      However, do it the quicker you can to get a good time precision.

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