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Buy gps4cam on your mobile phone

gps4cam on your mobile phones

Thank you for your interrest in gps4cam.

gps4cam is currently available on iPhone/iPad and on Android phones.

- You can find gps4cam for iPhone on the iTunes Store.

- You can find gps4cam pro for iPhone on the iTunes Store.

- You can find gps4cam for Android on the Android Market.

gps4cam pro additionnal characteristics:

✔ Long trips management improvement:
- Online Connection through Dropbox to gps4cam. This Online Mode allows you to store the necessary data on the cloud for later use. From now on, only one QRCode has to be photographed! gps4cam Desktop finds then automatically the needed data on the cloud and geotag your photos.
- Optimization of the number of QRCodes to photograph. If the user do not want or cannot use the online connection, he can choose the data he wants to encode into the QR Codes (Altitude,Ultra Accurate positioning) in order to limit the number of QR Codes to photograph.

✔ User experience improved:
- New function to catch up if you forget to launch the application. The user can move the start of the trip. Thus, the pictures taken before the launch of gps4cam are associated with the first capture made at the launch of the trip on the iPhone.
- Possibility to name a trip from the beginning of the trip (and not only after the ride).

✔ New positioning information:
- Export of the altitudes. Pilots, skydivers, hikers & climbers specifically have asked for this feature.
- Export Ultra Accurate Positioning. This mode is the default mode when the application is run online.

✔ Other features:
- Possibility of transferring the entire database of trips to gps4cam or gps4cam pro.
- Ability to send by mail or import to Dropbox the trips full database.
- Ability to specify in the iPhone settings an address by default for sending GPX files or for the trips database back up.

✔ Many small ergonomic improvements making it easier to navigate within the application & optimization of the app for iOS6 and IPhone 5 users.