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gps4cam is on Android !!!

Dear gps4cam friends,

What a pleasure for me to announce that the Android version of gps4cam is now available on the Android Market :-) .

You will find below a direct access to the gps4cam apk that you can install for free on your device. If you did not buy gps4cam on the Android market, the license check will fail but you will be able to test that the application runs correctly on your device and buy it afterwards if everything is fine. If you encounter a problem while running the app on your device, please mail me at

Here is a link to gps4cam for Android 6.1.8.

I would be really thankful to receive your feedbacks at
I wish you some beautiful photos with gps4cam :) .

Warmest Regards, Michael

PS: I opened a newsletter dedicated to Android versions. Click here if you wish to register.


  1. Downloaded and tested gps4cam on my HTC Thunderbolt last weekend. After a little confusion about how to use the QR code, I shot it with my 5DM2 and downloaded everything shot. The desktop app worked simply and shortly all my files had GPS locations in the metadata. This is going to be a boon for scouting locations. Nice going!!!

    • Thank you very much Kim :-) . Feedbacks seems to be really good concerning beta version of gps4cam on Android. A little more work and tests and it will become an official version :-) .

  2. Hi, I have a question regarding GPS4cam for Android. There doesn’t seem to be a possibility to move the app to the SD card instead of the internal memory. Is this something that is in line for a future update? It would be most helpful to save space on the internal memory of the phone, given that the app takes up a few megabytes of space.
    Thanks and keep up with the great work!
    Kind regards.

    • Hello Bruno,
      Thank you for your kind words :-) . Do you have such a possibility with other apps ? There is nothing special in gps4cam that would block such a possibility if it is available with other apps downloaded on Android Market. Please also note the the apk file of gps4cam is also available on
      Warmest Regards, Michael

      • Hi Michael,
        With most apps there is an option to move the app to the SD card once it has been installed. This doesn’t work with all of them, so I guess it’s something that needs to be set in the app itself (I am not a developer so I have no way of doing how to do it!).
        Thank you!
        Kind regards, Bruno

  3. Hi there.Is there also a desktopversion for android tablets?

  4. Just curious about how many apply the geotagging in place vs. having it copy to another folder…
    How much risk of corrupting the RAW file? (canon .cr2)

    I’m trying to figure out the best in-the-field workflow for importing from the card/geotagging/importing to Lightroom.

    Or… can it geotag in place DNG files (converted from .CR2 during import) that are already imported to Lightroom?

    • Hello Dave,
      I think the risk of corruption is very low (actually, nobody encounters it as far as I know). However, you may always make a first test if you use a new camera or a new file format, and you should copy files in another folder if your photos are really important for you. About LR workflow, I often recommend to tag before importing in LR because if you do it in the other order, LR is not smart enough to notice that positions have been added to your photos and then to put them on the map.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  5. AK says:

    any chance you can make the “capture time” customizable ?

    also a reverse GPS lookup in the desktop version would also be helpful

    • Hello,
      Thank you very much for these features suggestions :-) . I think you talk about the Android version. About the customizable capture time, it is in my todo list. The reverse GPS lookup is not actually in my todo list, this can been done with for example.
      Warmest Regards, Michael

  6. I downloaded your app on my phone and used it on a trip to Colorado last week. It worked perfectly on over 3000 pictures on 2 steam engine train rides and fall foliage. Unfortunately I have to trade that phone in to Verizon because of the extremely short battery life. How do I get the app on my new phone?

  7. Hello,

    I love this program but I recently have put jellybean on my phone and now the app is no longer able to install, is there any plan to update the application to support jellybean?


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