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About us

About us

gps4cam & gps4cam pro development is done by a team found of photo, web & innovation:

- Michael has created gps4cam the application 3 years ago an still coding the news features that you will find in the coming weeks in gps4cam pro new releases.
- Alban is on working on gps4cam apps strategy & adoption growth.
- Laure is contact point for journalisats & bloggers and will make sure that all users are aware of gps4cam latest evolutions.
- Laurent is working on gps4cam revolutionnary versions… that he hopes to share very soon with you all!
- Lening is introducing gps4cam in China & Taiwan as the demand there is growing!

Michael:  ”When I had my first phone with a GPS inside (an iPhone 3G), I discovered that the photos which I took with my iPhone were geotagged and could be found on a map.I immediatly saw a great interest in this. But how to geotag the photos which I took with my digital camera? I could not imagine doing this manually and softwares which I had found on Apple Store required a connection (that I did not necessarily have when I travel) and a synchronization between the iPhone’s clock and the camera’s clock. And then the idea of gps4cam came to me: use a 2D bar code technology to create the most simple and effective way to geotag my photos. Thanks to my computer science skills, I worked a lot and gps4cam born, a day of July, 2009, to serve me and to serve you. Since this time, gps4cam made of the road thanks to the help of my friend Martijn, and a team has been formed around this tremendous project, which I hope will continue to make many of you happy.”

The gps4cam team wish you a lot of pleasure and a lot of beautiful photos.