No need to buy an expensive GPS module
or a camera with a built-in GPS
to get your photos geotagged !
gps4cam desktop

Lite version
Pro version

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   A great tool for photographers gps4cam is compatible with every image format (jpg, raw, tiff...) and is the ideal accessory for every kind of digital camera
   GPS4CAM works flawlessly and quickly, and is an excellent addition to the app library of any photographer with an iPhone
   If you have a non-GPS enabled camera which you don't want to replace, gps4cam offers a very cheap & easy way to geotag your images
   Easy to use, accurate and very reliable, gps4cam will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for your personal travels and business trips
   Let your iPhone do the GPS heavy lifting, while you and your camera focus on the art
   My experience with gps4cam has been excellent and if you’re looking for something to geotag your photos, this should fill the bill


Launch gps4cam on your smartphone by pressing "Start a new trip"

When you are done, end your trip and export it which will generate a QRcode

Photograph the QRcode with your camera

Upload your picture and use the free gps4cam desktop (download above) to geotag all your photos

Does gps4cam drain my phone’s battery?

Gps4cam is optimized to use the battery in an efficient way. 4 recording modes are available, and some are more battery-saving than others

Can I take a screenshot of the QRCode?

NO! You have to photograph the generated QRCode with the same camera you used during your trip. This is mandatory to automatically take into account the time difference between the camera’s time and your phone’s time

What if I cross several time zones during a same trip?

No worries. Gps4cam will handle that. Just remember not to change neither your camera’s time nor your phone’s time. Also make sure that your phone’s time is set to “Automatic” so it automatically updates the date & time whenever you are in a new time zone

Can I customize the logging interval?

Yes! You can specify your own values whether in the “preferences” tab of gps4cam pro or by tapping and holding during a second on the “Standard” or “Precise” modes

Can I change my camera’s time during the trip?

The big advantage of gps4cam is that you don’t need to manually sync your camera’s time and you phone’s time. To properly tag your photos with the right location and the right time, the camera’s time should not be changed

I am travelling abroad. Does gps4cam require Internet?

Gps4cam doesn’t need any internet connection. gps4cam uses your smartphone’s GPS chipset to record your locations. You won’t be able to have a map view of your locations during the trip though because this requires internet.


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