gps4cam, geotag your photos easily

Thanks to gps4cam or gps4cam pro , you can easily geotag the photos you take with your favorite digital camera & you will never again waste your time trying to find out where you took a picture – from now on, all your photos will be localized! Our 2 Apps work with all camera brands and there is no need to synchronize manually your camera and your iPhone or Android device. What’s more, you can use gps4cam without connecting to a network, which is perfect for trips abroad.

You can use gps4cam in 3 steps:

➊ Launch gps4cam and press the ‘Start a new trip’ button.
➋ At the end of your trip, press the ‘Export’ button, which will generate a 2D bar code. Take a picture with your camera of this screen.
➌ To upload the pictures on your mac or pc, you can use gps4cam desktop (free download on our website). This software will geotag automatically your pictures.

Detailed features Instructions could be found on the Q&A Section of gps4cam ressources & instructions section depending on your needs.

gps4cam characteristics:

✔ No need to synchronize manually the time and date of your iPhone and your camera
✔ Share one bar code with several cameras
✔ Visualize the trip and different capture points on a map
✔ Share the geotagged pictures on websites like Flickr, Picasa or Panoramio
✔ Organize the geotagged pictures with software like iPhoto, Aperture or Picasa (mac or pc)
✔ Works with all camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic
✔ Geotag all the usual image formats (jpg, raw, tiff…)
✔ Contextual help and instructions
✔ GPX export

gps4cam pro additionnal characteristics:

✔ Long trips management improvement:
- Online Connection through Dropbox to gps4cam. This Online Mode allows you to store the necessary data on the cloud for later use. From now on, only one QRCode has to be photographed! gps4cam Desktop finds then automatically the needed data on the cloud and geotag your photos.
- Optimization of the number of QRCodes to photograph. If the user do not want or cannot use the online connection, he can choose the data he wants to encode into the QR Codes (Altitude,Ultra Accurate positioning) in order to limit the number of QR Codes to photograph.

✔ User experience improved:
- New function to catch up if you forget to launch the application. The user can move the start of the trip. Thus, the pictures taken before the launch of gps4cam are associated with the first capture made at the launch of the trip on the iPhone.
- Possibility to name a trip from the beginning of the trip (and not only after the ride).

✔ New positioning information:
- Export of the altitudes. Pilots, skydivers, hikers & climbers specifically have asked for this feature.
- Export Ultra Accurate Positioning. This mode is the default mode when the application is run online.

✔ Other functions:
- Possibility of transferring the entire database of trips to gps4cam or gps4cam pro.
- Ability to send by mail or import to Dropbox the trips full database.
- Ability to specify in the iPhone settings an address by default for sending GPX files or for the trips database back up.

✔ Many small ergonomic improvements making it easier to navigate within the application & optimization of the app for IOS6 and IPhone 5 users.

gps4cam desktop

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Mac OS X:

gps4cam desktop 7.2 on Mac App Store
gps4cam desktop 7.2.dmg
gps4cam desktop 5.4.dmg
Installation instructions : Download the .dmg file, launch it and follow the instructions.


gps4cam desktop
gps4cam desktop
Installation instructions for zip archive: Download the zip file with your favorite web browser. Unzip the file, it will generate a gps4cam directory. Copy the gps4cam directory in your program file directory (C:\Program Files) on 32 bits platform and (C:\Program Files (x86)) on 64 bits platform. In the gps4cam directory, you will find a gps4cam.exe that you can launch.

How to use gps4cam desktop?

Discover how to use gps4cam desktop 4.x by clicking here
Discover how to use gps4cam desktop 3.9x by clicking here

gps4cam on Android:

Discover and test gps4cam on Android by clicking here
Have fun with gps4cam on Android!

Welcome to the help of gps4cam

You need help? Be sure we will do our best to help you :-) .

First, you have to know that 99% of the support requests are linked to only 4 errors which are described here: the 4 most errors submitted to the gps4cam support.

If your problem is not described in the preceding article, please feel free to contact us:

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A. What’s this app for & is it worthy?

A.01 – What’s the Use for Geo-tagging photos?
=> Geo-tagging photos is great on sites like FlickR or SmugMug that allow GPS data utilization.  For example, you’re on vacation, wandering around the great cities of Europe and you’d like to keep your family and friends up-to-date on your travels.  You  can upload pictures periodically to Flickr (free).  Once photos are uploaded,  viewers can click on the map on the upper right hand of each page to see just where you took that great shot.
iPhoto, Aperture, Google Picassa and LightRoom also have great mapping functions for photographs with GPS data. And more and more software and services are adding GPS functionality.
Moreover, with gps4cam, you can simply view a map of your travels by tapping the “Map” icon within the application, or export a GPX file that can be used by many mapping packages, as well as Google Maps. This is fun for those days that take you far and wide.

A.02 – Is it worth to buy gps4cam apps?
=> Yes of course, herebelow are some good reasons justifying GPS4CAM Purchase:

  • By far the least expensive way to geo-tag your photographs
  • Works with any and all digital cameras.  Any model, any maker (even Leica!).
  • Runs in the background.  Feel free to listen to music, use maps, browse the web, make phone calls, play games, use other apps.
  • No need to “synchronize your watches”.  It will figure out for you, exactly when and where each photograph was taken.
  • WiFi is not required.  GSM network is not required. Works anywhere on planet Earth.
  • gps4cam does not require a new device to keep charged and track of.  It uses the iPhone already in your pocket.
  • one gps4cam can be used with several cameras (even cameras of friends travelling with you).
  • gps4cam can put your photos at the exact local time when you took the photos (even if your camera has a wrong time).

A.03 – Why gps4cam vs GPS devices connected to your cameras?
=> Compare the $2.99 for this application with the hundreds of dollars you could spend on GPS devices and the software you’d need to duplicate these functions by other methods.  In fact, you could easily justify buying that new iPhone or iPad with the money you’re saving by getting an iPhone with gps4cam instead of a Magellen GPS tracker and some fancy software.

A.04 –  Why gps4cam vs other Mobile applications?
=> Some other apps exist to geotag informations thanks to mobiles devices. However bloggers, journalists & users usually prefer gsp4cam for the following reasons:
- gps4cam reliability => almost no bug on the app since the creation of the app
- Simple Usability => The user experience is really central to our concerns and we do many users tests before implementing new features
- Innovation => the beauty of the QR encrypting algorithm, robust & allowing both geotaging, clocks synchronisation between your mobile device and your cameras (as many as you want) & the new features that the dev team is developing each releases.
- the price => almost always cheaper than our competitors products for better results
- the energy consumption=> allowing long trips
- gps4cam supports all photo formats (see question following questions)

A.05 –  Can I use this application with my camera? What are the supported formats?
=> To our knowledge, you can use gps4cam with all existing cameras & we think gps4cam supports almost all the formats. At least we know that gps4cam support the following image formats:
3FR (Hasselblad RAW Format); ARW, SRF, SR2 (Sony RAW Formats); BAY (Casio RAW Format); CAP, IIQ, EIP (Phase_One RAW Formats); DCS, DCR, DRF, K25, KDC (Kodak RAW Formats); CR2 (Canon RAW Formats); DNG (Adobe RAW Format); ERF (Epson RAW Format); GIF (Compuserve GIF); JPEG, JPG; JP2, JPX (JPEG 2000 image); MRW (Minolta RAW Format); NEF, NRW (Nikon RAW Formats); ORF (Olympus RAW Format); PDF (Adobe PDF); PEF (Pentax RAW Format); PNG (Portable Network Graphics); RAF (FujiFilm RAW Format); RAW, RW2 (Panasonic RAW formats); TIFF, TIF (Tagged Image File Formats); X3F (SIGMA RAW Format)
Even if your format is not in the preceding list, it may be supported by gps4cam desktop. If you want to ensure the compatibility with your photos’ format before buying gps4cam for iPhone or Android, you can check the compatibility in the preferences menu of gps4cam desktop (gps4cam desktop is available for free in the download section).

B. Usability related Questions

Step 0: Prepare your trip

B.0.1 – Is it a problem if I already have pictures on my camera?

=> gps4cam works when you already have pictures on your camera, but we recommend you to empty your SD Card before starting a new trip. This will enable the desktop app to geotag your pictures faster.

B.0.2 – Do I need to change the clock time of my camera?
=> No, gps4cam works even when the date and time on your camera aren’t the same as on your iPhone. Important! Never change the date and time of your camera during a trip.

B.0.3 – Can I change the chosen mode later?
=> Yes, you can change the trip mode any time during a trip.

B.0.4 – What is the energy saving mode?
=> In this mode, gps4cam doesn’t use GPS but locates you at the moment you switch to another GSM antenna. This mode is less accurate than the other modes but uses very little of your battery. This mode is only available on iPhone 3Gs and 4.

B.0.5 – How long can you use gps4cam with an iphone battery?
=> It depends on the mode your are using. The shorter the set time between captures is, the
quicker your battery will drain. In our experience on an iphone 4, you can safely run the app for 6 hours on.
your iPhone in Precise mode without problems. You can also start and stop it throughout the
day to save some energy.

B.0.6 -How do I use the manual mode?
=>In the manual mode, your iPhone captures your location when you shake your iPhone. The manual mode only works when gps4cam is on the foreground.

B.0.7 – Can I change the gap between captures in the standard mode?
=>Yes, you can change the gap in the preferences of the app. You can choose between 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

B.0.8 -Can I use gps4cam in Airplane Mode?
=> In Airplane Mode, the GPS of your iPhone is disabled and the app can’t locate you. If you want to be sure the app doesn’t connect to a network, you can turn off the data roaming or restart your iPhone without typing your PIN code.

B.0.9 -Do I have to turn data roaming on to use gps4cam?
=>For the main functions of the app, data roaming can be off. When you want to use the map, send yourself the GPX file or contact us, you will need a network connection.

B.0.10 – I have just traveled by airplane, do I have to do something special?
=>After a long flight the GPS search might take longer than usual. In that case, press the ‘Extend GPS search’ button in the preferences of gps4cam before starting your trip.

Step1: Start a new trip

B.1.01 – Why does the capture bar keep flashing without capturing?
=> Please make sure your iPhone isn’t in the Airplane mode (iPhone settings > Airplane mode). If this isn’t the case, extend the GPS search in the preferences of gps4cam. If this doesn’t work, please contact us.

B.1.02 – Can I use my gps4cam apps without Wifi or 3G Connection?
=> Yes, Since it works with the GPS satellite system it will work in your home town, in a car, on a boat or airplane, hiking, biking or wandering around locations in Europe, Africa, Antarctica or anywhere on the planet that has an open view of the sky.  This means it will work everywhere except in caves, underwater or deep inside large buildings.

B.1.03 – Why does the dashboard appear and then disappear immediately in old gps4cam releases?
=> Please make sure that the GPS of your device is on and that you allow gps4cam to access it (iPhone Settings > General > Location Services > gps4cam). If this is the case and the problem persists, please contact us.

B.1.04 – How can I check the accuracy of my first capture?
=> The height of the capture bar indicates the quality of the first capture. It is recommended to check the first capture’s accuracy on the map.

B.1.05 – In manual mode, do I have to shake the iPhone for the first capture?
=> No, in manual mode the first and the last capture are always made automatically to make sure all your pictures are inside the trip.

B.1.06 – The Pause buttons don’t work, why?
=> You can only pause or export a trip that has at least one capture. Please see ‘Why does the capture bar keep flashing without capturing?’ if this takes longer than 1 minute.

B.1.07 – Is-it possible to change the name of a trip ?
=> Yes, on the the list of the trips, you click the « modify » button and then, you click on the trip,
then you can modify the name of the trip. With gps4cam pro you can do even more and name your trip from the beginning.

Step2: During your trip
B.2.01 – Can I change my capturing mode during a trip?
=> To change your capturing mode during a trip you can slide the dashboard to the left. The four modes will appear.

B.2.02 – What does the map tell me?

B.2.03 – If I export a trip by mistake, can I resume it later?
=> You can resume an exported trip by clicking on it in the trips-list and choose ‘resume’.

B.2.04 – Can I make a quick capture?
=> Yes, in any mode you can make a quick capture by shaking your iPhone. To be able to do this, gps4cam has to be on the foreground.

B.2.05 – Do I have something to do when I make a picture?
=> When a trip is started and it is not in manual mode, you have nothing special to do.

B.2.06 – In manual mode, do I have to shake my iPhone for every picture?
=> Shaking your iPhone for every picture will give the best results, but if you don’t move a lot or if you take several pictures close to one another, you don’t have to.

B.2.07 – Can I use gps4cam in the background?
=> You can use gps4cam in the background, except in the manual mode. Please note: in the precise mode or standard mode the app uses a lot of your battery. When you are not shooting, it is recommended to pause your trip.

B.2.08 – The manual mode doesn’t work, how come?
=> Please make sure the app is on the foreground. The manual mode is the only mode that doesn’t work when the app is in the background.

B.2.09 – When is it useful to pause my trip?
=> When you don’t make pictures for a long time, it is useful to pause a trip in order to save battery life. You can also pause a trip to check the list of exported and paused trips or to change the settings.

B.2.10 – Can I see the list of all my trips during a trip?
=> To see the list of paused and exported trips, you have to pause your current trip and press the ‘list’ button at the top of your screen. On gps4cam pro, the user interface has been improved and you just have to push the “back” button.

B.2.11 – How do I edit the trip list?
=> By clicking on the edit button you can change the names of the trips in your list. You can also delete them. Please note: deleting a trip is permanent.

B.2.12 – How do I change the name of a trip?
=> In the trips list, click on the top right ‘Edit’ button and select the trip you want to change. A field where you can change the name appears. Click ‘Done’ to confirm the new name.”;

B.2.13 – Will gps4cam geotag my pictures when I travel through different time zones during a trip?
=> Yes, gps4cam will geotag your pictures correctly. Please note: Never change the date and time settings of your camera during a trip.”

B.2.14 What is the interest to export the trip towards another app ? (je ne suis pas sûre de savoir répondre à la question)
=> it allows you to save you trip database for example on dropbox or to export it to gps4cam pro if you upgrade from gps4cam to gps4cam pro. You can also do this export trip by trip.

Step3: Export your trip

B.3.01 – Can I make a screenshot of the QR Code with my iPhone ?
=> No. To work properly, gps4cam needs the time of your iPhone (that is written in the QR Code) and the time of your camera (that is in the metadata of the picture). This is necessary to automatically synchronize clocks of your camera and of your phone.

B.3.02 – Do I have to change the clock of my camera before exporting my trip?”
=> No, the geotagging will only work if the date and time of your camera haven’t changed during a trip.

B.3.03 – Can I use one QR Code for several cameras?
=> Yes, you can use one QR Code for several cameras, but every camera has to make a picture of the QR Code.

B.3.04 – What is the GPX export?
=> A GPX file is a file that contains all the information of your trip. Most professional photography-managing software can import GPX files (natively or with a plugin) to geotag your pictures.

B.3.05 – What is the difference between waypoints and trackpoints in the GPX export?
=> Trackpoints are more adapted for describing a path and waypoints are often used to describe point of interests. We recommend to use trackpoints export, which is supported by most geotag software. No more trackpoints in gps4cam pro

B.3.06 – Do I have to change my camera lens to make the picture of the QR Code?
=> You obtain the best results when the QR Code covers an important part of the picture, but if you make the picture on a less disturbed background you also can use larger lenses. You can also crop the picture of the QR Code before importing. With gpscam pro online, thanks to the optimized small QR code, you shouldn’t have to change you camera lens

B.3.07 – What do I have to check before taking the picture of the QR Code?
=> The background of the picture should be as undisturbed as possible and you will obtain the best result if the QR Code covers a large part of the picture. Try also to avoid a dark environment because the white squares can overlap the black.

B.3.08 – How many locations can one QR Code contain?
=> The data is very compressed and there’s no exact answer to this question. If you change often your location or if the gaps between your captures aren’t regular, the data is more difficult to compress and to put in one QR Code.

B.3.09 How to use gps4cam with Dropbox ? What is the interest?
Dropox allows gps4cam to provide an online mode. This online mode allows you to store the necessary information on the cloud & generate a simplified and unique QRCode (easier to photograph). gps4cam Desktop can them find automatically these informations on the cloud and geotag your photos.

B.3.10 – Is it normal that the QR code on my iphone continue to change even if I have finished my trip?
=> The code contains all of the time and location information.  The desktop application uses these codes, along with your pictures to synchronize precise times and locations and then embeds that info into each picture file.  If you watch the code on the iPhone for a while, you will notice that it changes every minute or so, this process allows to keep the timing synchronized.

B.3.11 - Is it possible to create a tour line (like a route in google maps) with the data collected from gps4cam?

==>Yes! All what you need to do is to export your trip as GPX (Go on your trip, click share and then email the GPX to yourself). Use this GPX file on GPS Visualizer ( to create your own route.

Step4: Geotag the pictures with gps4cam desktop

B.4.01 – What do I need to geotag the pictures?
=> You need our free app gps4cam desktop that you can get on our website:

B.4.02 – What are the input and output directories in gps4cam desktop?
=> The input directory is the current place of your pictures (often your memory card). The output directory is the place where you want to send your pictures. You can select the same output as input directory, you will obtain the same result that if you use the “geotag photos in their origin directory” option

B.4.03 – gps4cam desktop is very slow, how come?
=> Having only the pictures that are inside your trip in the input directory (and no other files or folders) accelerates the geotagging process. Writing pictures directly on your computer and not on your memory card is often faster as well. If the problem persists, please contact us. You can also now use the option “only search in last photographed pictures”. In that case the research is very fast as gps4cam desktop screen only last photos.

B.4.04 – No timestamped photos have been found in the input directory, what do I have to do?
=> Please check in the input directory if the pictures are present and if the image format is supported. You can see the supported image formats on our website.

B.4.05 – No useful QR Code has been found, how come?
=> This is because gps4cam desktop doesn’t recognize the QR Code. Please try to turn ‘Fast Encoding’ off in the app’s preferences. If this doesn’t help, please send us your picture of the QR Code so we can try and see what’s wrong.

B.4.06 – Some photos have not been tagged because they are not in the timeframe, what does
that mean?
=> This means these pictures where taken when gps4cam was off or paused. If this isn’t the case, please check if you used a picture of the QR Code made with your camera, and not a screenshot made with your iPhone.

B.4.07 – Photos have not been tagged because of an unsupported image format, how come?
=> This is because gps4cam desktop doesn’t support the image format, or because your computer doesn’t allow you to write in the selected output directory. Please try another location and, if this doesn’t work, send us one of your pictures so we can check the format.

B.4.08 – What is the perfect workflow to import the pictures in iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom?
=> We recommend to insert your SD card in your computer or to connect your camera via USB and open gps4cam desktop. Now you can geotag the pictures directly on the memory card and open your favorite photo-management software to import your pictures.

B.4.09 – Can I geotag pictures directly on my camera?
=> Yes, you can geotag the pictures directly on your camera by selecting the same output as input directory or better by using the “geotag photos in their origin directory” option.

B.4.10 – Which version of gps4cam desktop to use?
=> Always download the latest version of gps4cam desktop (free dowload on our website: If your are a gps4cam Pro user, try regularly to download a new version especially in the coming months as many new releases are planned for 2013 first semester.

C. Contact & GPS4CAM Community

C.1.01 – Where can I find the latest news on gps4cam?
=> We post the latest informations in our blog:  In the future, we will also try to post some of these news on facebook ( or on our twitter channel ( And you can receive the latest news, tricks and advices by subscribing to the gps4cam newsletter.

C.1.02 – Is there somewhere I can share with other gps4cam users?
=> Today, you suggest you use our facebook page: to interact with other gps4cam users. Soon, we’ll offer to the gps4cam community new grounds to play.

C.1.03 – If I have a problem with the application, who can I contact?
=> First, you have to know that 99% of the support requests are linked to only 4 errors which are described here: the 4 most errors submitted to the gps4cam support. If you have still a problem, please open a post on our customer support system on by clicking on gps4cam customer support

C.1.04 – If I am a journalist or a blogger, who can I contact?
=> You can contact us using Note that you will also find directly some sections on this website that may be of interest for you:
1.  Q&A Section
2.  gps4cam Ressources & Instructions: you will find gps4cam  & gps4cam pro detailed instructions & visuals that we would be happy you use as much as you wish to.
3.  Links to recents articles or to social networks ( listed in the right column of this web page)
4. What’s new: (lien sur le blog)

C.1.05 – If I have good ideas or I want to partner with the gps4cam team, who can I contact?
=> The gps4cam team is always looking for new partners (marketing, development, …) all over the world. If you have a great idea on how you could help us or how we could help your, please contact us :!